Buckland Mill

Dover, Kent, UK

Newspaper cuttings for Charlton Paper Mill

  • 3 April 1847 - Kentish Independent - On the 23rd ult., by the well timed efforts of Mr George Maennring and others, the probable destruction by fire of some considerable portion of the Charlton Paper Mills, was most fortunately averted.  The principle incidents connected with the event are as follows: a member of Mr Mannering's family, observed great quantities of burning soot issued from the Mill chimney, falling on the building, which from being covered with tarred paper, were thus exposed to imminent danger.  Mr Mannering, on being informed of the circumstance, promptly communicated the intelligence to the foreman at the Mill, with whom he speedily ascended the roof, when they found that in a great number of places the tar and paper had already ignited, and was rapidly enveloping in flames the boarded roof.  The works were instantly stopped and measures adopted for the supply of water to extinguish the fire, and as an abundant quantity was easily attained, the progress of the flames was soon effectually checked, and the further destruction of property prevented.  Had but a few minutes more elapsed prior to the discovery of the fire, there can be of little doubt that the greater portion of the whole premises would from the flammable materials of which they are composed have been destroyed.

  • 18 Jun 1849 - South East Gazette - TO PAPER MAKERS AND OTHERS - The Charlton Paper Mills, situate about 1 1/2 miles from Dovor, Kent, and now in full work, to be let or sold by private contract, with possession at Michaelmas next.

The mill is in excellent working order, and peculiarly adapted for the manufacture of writing and other fine papers; comprises water wheels, steam engines, five rag engines, paper and drying machines fitted with many recent improvements, steam and rag boilers, a powerful hydraulic press, a mechanical press, glazing and single sheet rolls, sizing tackle and other appliances well adapted to the trade.  This mill is well supplied with excellent washing water, and its character fot the above class of papers stands high in the market.

For further particulars apply by letter to Messers Bryan Donkin, and Co, Engineers, Bermondsey; or to Messrs Rosser and Tamplin, Solicitors, 159 Fenchurch Street, London.

  • 24 Feb 1852 - Kentish Gazette - ........ A day or two previously a lad's arm was severely lacerated by becoming entangled with machinery at the paper Mill, Charlton;.........

  • 30 Jul 1859 - SMOKE COMING FROM FURNACES - The Inspector said that he had been informed the Mr Crundall, of High Street, Charlton, proposed erecting saw mills at the rear pf his premises and on the site of the old Charlton Paper  Mills, in consequence of which great apprehension was entertained by the inhabitants that a nuisance would be experienced from the smoke.

The Town Clerk said that whatever furnaces might be erected for the purpose in question must be made to consume their own smoke.  A memorial was subsequently presented, praying the Local Board to take such measures as might be necessary to protect them from the annoyance they anticipated

  • 1888 - An extract from a retrospective article titled "Sketches of Dover" - The site of Messrs W Crundall and Co's saw mills was then occupied by Dickenson's paper mill, and it had a clock tower with four faces - a very useful it was to the inhabitants