Fruit Garden in Spring

Early Spring

  • Uncloched strawberries should have all dead leaves removed

  • Pears cherries and plums will blossom in around April

  • Blackcurrants begin to show leaves and flower

  • Strawberries will come into life and should be weeded if not already done, cloched strawberries will want ventilating on sunny days.

  • Raspberries should be tied in and both these and blackcurrants should be mulched. 

  • If all the soft fruit area is free from weed, it may be a good idea to lay down straw as a thick covering of mulch.... the soil will stay a little more moist on the hot summer days and the straw will be well on its way to rotting come the autumn, It also makes picking in the area more pleasant  ;)

  • Peaches should have set and thinning can start

Mid Spring

  • Strawberries will be flowering and setting - flowers with blackened centres have been touched by frost (as will those of apples).

  • Gooseberries and blackcurrants will have  finish setting this month - if the weather has been cool and windy, blackcurrants will have "run-off" as bees will not be have visited them in such weather. So think of this when positioning them and if possible try to give them a more sheltered position.

  • If weather is dry occurs make sure that raspberries are watered otherwise you may lose new canes.

  • Peaches will start to get stones and should be thinned when they are about half in round, spacing them to eventually be about 1 foot apart - spread the thinning over several weeks