Buckland Mill

Dover, Kent, UK

Newspaper cuttings for Bushy Ruff

20 Jan 1838 - Gazette

  • DICKINSON George, of Dover, co, Kent, paper manufacturer, dir. and ch. (carrying on a trade at certain Mills called spring-gardens, Buckland, and Bushey Ruff Paper Mills, and situate in several parishes of Charlton, Buckland, and Alkham, all near Dovor aforesaid); surren, 30th Jan three, 2d Mar, twelve pr. Bell, Sandwich - Sols, Kennett, Dovor, and Hawkins and co.  New Boswell-ct


23 Jan 1838

  • Whereas a Fiat in Bankruptcy is awarded and issued against George Dickenson, of Dovor, in the county of Kent, paper manufacturer, dealer and chapman, carrying on trade at certain Mills called Spring Gardens, Buckland and Bushy Ruff Paper Mills, and situate in the several Parishes of Charlton, Buckland, and Alkham, all near Dovor aforesaid; and he being declared bankrupt, is herby requested to surrender himself to the commissioners in the said Fiat named, or the major part of them,  on Tuesday, the 30th day of January instant, at Three o'clock in the afternoon precisely, and on Friday, the second day of March following, at Twelve of the clock at noon precisely, on each day at the Bell Inn, in Sandwich, to make a full discovery and disclosure of his estate and effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, and at the first sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his examination; and the Creditors are to assent to, or dissent from, the allowance of his Certificate.  All persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Mr Matthew Kennet, Solicitor Dovor; or Messers Hawkins, Bloxam, and Stocker, No. 2, New Boswell-court, Carey-street, Lincoln's Inn, London.

6 Feb 1838

  • NOTICE - The Creditors who have proved their Debts under a Fiat in Bankruptcy awarded and issued forth against George Dickenson, of Dovor, in the county of Kent, paper manufacture, dealer and chapman, carrying on a trade at certain mills called Spring Gardens, Buckland, and Bushy Ruff Paper Mills and situate in certain parishes of Charlton, Buckland, and Alkham, all near Dovor aforesaid, are requested to meet the assignees of the Bankrupt's estate and effects at Brook House, in Charlton aforesaid, the late residence of the said Bankrupt, on Thursday the eighth day of February instant at eleven o'clock in the afternoon precisely, in order to take into consideration and determine as to the best course to be pursued by the assignees in regard to the sale and disposition of the said Bankrupt's property and effects for the benefit of his estate; and more especially to assent to assent to or dissent from the said Assignees selling and disposing of the freehold and leasehold estates of the Bankrupt, either by Public Auction or Private Contract, in such parcels, at such time, and upon such terms and conditions as to the said Assignees shall seem most beneficial; to assent to or dissent from the said Assignees relinquishing to the Mortgagees of the freehold and leasehold estates of the said Bankrupt, in satisfaction of their respective mortgage debts, the right and equity of redemption of said Bankrupt in such parts of the same estates as shall be found to be insufficient to discharge the principal money and interest due upon the respective mortgages thereof; to assent to or dissent from the said Assignees selling and disposing of the said Bankrupt's stock in trade, household furniture, and other effects, either by Public Auction or Private Contract, to such person or persons, and altogether and in one lot, or in several lots, as to them shall seem most advisable, and to their taking such security, and giving the same indulgence for the payment of the same as they think proper; to assent to or dissent from the said Paper Mills, in Chalton aforesaid, the business of a paper manufacturer, in order to work up the raw materials now in hand to the best advantage, and employing a clerk or bookkeeper, and such servants, agents, workmen, and others as may be useful and necessary to superintend, aid and assist in the said business, with such salaries, wages, or other allowances or compensation as the said Assignees employing any person or persons to collect the outstanding debts of the said Bankrupt, and to allow such compensation to the person or persons so employed as the said Assignees shall deem just and reasonable; to assent to or dissent from the said Assignees taking the opinion of Counsel on any points arising out of the said Bankrupt's affairs as to the said assignees may appear expedient and proper; to assent to or dissent from the assignees paying and discharging the costs, charges, and expenses in preparing certain indentures of lease or  appointment, release and assignment, bearing date respectively the ninth and eleventh days of December now last past, whereby the said George Dickenson conveyed and assigned all his estates and effects to Trustees for general benefit of his creditors, and the payments, disbursements, incidental charges, and expenses incurred under or in consequence of the said Indentures, or in any manner touching, concerning, or relating thereto, and to authorize the said Assignees to settle all accounts, matters, and things with the Trustees who have acted under the said Indentures; and also for the said Assignees to receive and give discharges for such moneys, property, and effects as may be in the hands of the said Trustees by virtue of such Indentures, and belonging to the said Bankrupt; and generally to authorize and empower the said Assignees to act, and take such steps, and pursue such measures in and  about the said Bankrupt's affairs, as by them in their discretion may be deemed expedient and proper.

Solicitor of the Assignees.

 Dovor, 3rd February 1838

20 Mar 1838

  • TO BE LET - Bushy Ruff Paper Mills, near Dover; comprising of Three Machines and One Vat.  To the largest machine are attached drying steam cylinders.

These Mills have been used for many years exclusively in the manufactory of fine and spring papers, immediate possession may be had.

Inquire of Mr. Edward Knocker, Solicitor Dovor.

23 Aug 1850

  • BUSHY RUFF PAPER MILLS, &c - The sale of this property will take place on Monday, 16th September, at Two o'clock, p.m; instead of Friday, the 13th as advertised in the first page of this paper.

27 Aug 1850

  • TO PAPERMAKERS MILLERS, CAPITALISTS, AND THE PUBLIC - Sale of the extensive Paper Mills, excellent residence, cottage gardens, and upward of 54 acres of water pasture and arable ;and, known as Bushy Ruff Paper Mills, situated near the healthy and delightful village of River, within three miles of Dover.

Messers Lamb and Robinson - Have received instructions from the proprietors to offer FOR SALE BY AUCTION, At the Royal Oak Inn in Dover on Friday 13th September at two o'clock pm.,  The unexpired lease of all the valuable estate, comprising the long-established Paper Mills, excellent residential cottages, and several pieces of arable and pastural land situates in the respective parishes of River and Alkham, near Dover, and containing in whole 54a 2r 7p, or thereabouts; to include the whole of the valuable machinery, apparatus, and implements used on the said business, together with powerful water-wheels and extensive mill ponds, from which, by the numerous springs, a constant supply of water can at all times be supplied of sufficient power to carry on any business requiring the aid of water to any extent; also a convenient and comfortable residence, beautifully placed with gardens and pleasure grounds, nine convenient cottages, and granary, a small water mill with machinery, &c.; the whole enclosed in a ring fence.

The mill might be able to be made capable of carrying on any business in the paper or corn trade, or other manufactory, to any extent, from the constant and full supply of the water; and the land from the picturesque and healthy situation, and proximity to Dover, might be let off to advantage, or found desirable for building purposes.

Lithographic plans of the estate, and every other further particular may be known by applying Edward Knocker, Esq, Solicitor, Castle Hill, Dover; Mr John Coleman, Kearsney Court; or the Auctioneers, Dover.

23 Aug 1856

  • Bushey Rough Paper Mill, Alkham near Dover

Important & extensive sale of Machinery, Copper, Lead, Brass, Iron, Timber, Bricks, &c., &c.

MR THOMAS ROBINSON - Is instructed by the proprietor to submit for sale by Public Auction, on Wednesday, 3rd Sep 1856, in the Paper Mills, at Bushey Rough,  All valuable Machinery, Mill Gear, Four powerful Iron Water Wheels, and many tons of Iron, Copper, Lead, and Brass.

The Mill Gear, Plant, and Implements, which are in perfect working condition, comprise 2 large Coppers, the size the largest 160 gallons, and of the second 90 gallons with large brass taps and furnaces.

Paper Machine - complete, with Drying Cylinders, glazing rollers, cutting machine, and 10 presses.

Force Pump with an Air Vessel - Paint mill, engine plates, 2 large stuffed chests with agitators, rag boilers, large pair beam scales, 2 smaller pairs and 16 iron weights of 56lbs, each, and a quantity of smaller weights.

Iron Water Wheels, Machinery, and Engine Rollers - Large iron boiler, 3ft. by 12ft, set in brick work, and large furnace; slab and muller, carboy muriatic acid, carboy of turpentine, purchase jack, 12 large iron screw presses, glazing rollers, stand shaft and wheels, lead pipe, quantity 5in. iron pipe, vice, casks, tar barrels, wheelbarrow, 8 stone bleaching tank, 4in. bleaching pump, brass, lead, & copper paper moulds; rag boxes and lattices, rag duster and baskets, excellent iron crane, felt glazed sashes.  10,000 Yards Hair Rope For Paper -

May be viewed on Tuesday prior to the Sale during the day, until 5 o'clock pm.  Catalogues may be had from the Auctioneer, 18 Bench St Dover 4s 6d ????(each?)  refundable to purchase.